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Bricks and Mortar

11.30.12 No Comments

Things are moving right along out at the land.  The theme of the past few weeks has been building up with bricks on one staff home and completing the foundation of the other.  The outside walls of the caretaker facility and grist mill are also complete.  I continued to be impressed with our workers!  Take a look at what is going on . . .

The g-nuts crops produced like everything else does on this fertile land . . . in abundance. We will be able to use part of it to seed a new planting, we will consume a large portion, and sell the rest.

The maize is doing its job of cutting our food costs for feeding the workers because we do not have to buy posho and soon we will not even have to pay to grind the maize.

Although the finishings will take some time, the grist mill is looking good.

Watching the guys plaster the walls is amazing. They make it look so easy, but it is so difficult to get it looking this good.

More walls up on the Ugandan staff house

As we “helped” the guys mix the rocks, concrete, and water to pour the foundation, I realized why the building process seems to take so long. They have to haul the water they pour on the rocks/concrete from the bore hole in jerry cans and it takes a bunch of trips! When everything is done by hand, it just takes longer than with a machine. But, we are changing the lives of so many by using human labor instead of machines!

Freshly poured slab on the other staff house. If you recall, this was just big holes the last time I updated you.

Things are trucking right along, but never stop praying for Abaana’s Hope.