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  • ‘Merica

    08.14.13 No Comments

    No, we didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.  We are alive and well in Alabama.  I’m going to attempt to give an update of the past two weeks in as few words as possible!

    10 hours before we were to fly out of Uganda, our lawyer said “It’s not going to happen!”  Matt’s passport has been in the lawyer’s hands for 2 years trying to get a work permit.  We got it 4 days AFTER our scheduled flight out.  Of course, God was in control!  Our family had MUCH needed time together being stuck in Entebbe with 1 change of clothes, no car, and the best pool in the country.  We went from being told it would be Aug 31 before we could fly out to having an unbelievable friend hook us up with tickets for the day after we had our passports in hand.  Flying out at

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  • Kasey’s Reflection

    07.23.13 1 Comment

    I spent most of my time with Winnifred (female 10) , Tonny (male 21ish) , andSunday (male 16ish-im not sure they even know how old they are-it would change everyday haha) last summer and then since Winnifred was at her mom’s over Christmas I spent most of my time with Tonny, Kevin (female) and Prossy (female).

     My favorite thing to do with Winnifred was to walk to school with her everyday to Kasubi Central and sing and recite John 3:16 on the way.  Walking to and from school each day was our time to memorize this verse.  Winnifred is not very good at wanting to sit down and have a serious talk about anything and is very stubborn (the American kind of stubborn), so we had to have a good mixture of playing and then

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  • Emma’s Reflection

    07.14.13 1 Comment

    I spent the most time with Concy and her family:

    • Female, about 50 years old
    • Mother of 7 girls: Miriam, Sharon, Babra, Recho, Patience, Prisca, JoAnn (from oldest to youngest, all from different men from what I could gather)
    • Grandmother of 3 (Miriam’s children)- Jordan (boy), Jacob and Rebecca (twins)

    I also spent a lot of time with Sunday and Tony, two boys around the age of 20. They lived right next to Concy, and I think Concy was like their “2nd mom”

    My favorite thing to do with Concy was just sit with her at the end of the day and read from the Bible, and just talk about whatever came up. Other things that I did with her were help repair her mud hut by smearing it with mud and cow dung, shell g nuts, cut cassava, pluck the leaves off a plant for supper, grind grains on a stone,

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  • Rebecca’s reflection

    07.10.13 1 Comment

    As we approach the two-year mark, we are reflecting back on all our experiences.  Not to be repetitive, but one of the greatest blessings has been hosting and serving with interns.  I want to share those reflections with you as another way of saying “thank you” to all our supporters and those who supported the interns.  We all need sweet reminders of how God takes us out of our comfort zone to teach us, use us, and grow us.  Rebecca served in Gulu two months last summer . . .


    During my summer in Uganda, I spent most of my time with Kevin (girl, 12) and Brian (boy, 13).  There were so many things that I loved to do with them everyday, and they are both so different that I was able to spend time with them doing different things.  Sometimes, we would sit around after school and I would read from

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  • Farewell, pieces . . .

    07.06.13 2 Comments

    This week, I had to say farewell to a few more pieces of my heart.  June interns Corey, Kate, and Hanna have left Gulu.  It always amazing me how in only 5 weeks together, we can all grow so close.  God certainly knew who he was putting together!  Although we will miss them dearly, their greatest work was with our friends in the community.  

    Hanna poured into this sweet family.  She continued the work of previous interns with sweet Maureen and helped her begin leading a Bible study with other young girls – all on her own.

    She was also able to teach Cindrella how to read her own Bible.  Cindrella is taking the year off of secondary school because of a lack of money for school fees.

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  • Varied Servants

    06.28.13 No Comments

    If there is one thing I have learned since moving to Uganda, it is that foreign missionaries are no better than Christians serving Christ in their home community.  If you are following Christ every day, then you are serving Him in ways that some other person would look at as “sacrificial” or something they “could never do.”  I read a blog today by another missionary that discussed how some missionaries have a tendency to present themselves and their work in a way that demeans the work of Christians who stay in their hometown.  I truly pray I have never done that through my writings and sincerely apologize if I have.


    Hopefully we are all responding to God’s call in our life and following Him instead of comparing ourselves with others.  Moving our family to Africa was never a big sacrifice for us, we have lived an amazing life here, and

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  • I repent

    06.22.13 2 Comments

    Do you know what it feels like to grow closer to God and feel more sinful?  I hope so.  I think it is part of the sanctification process and a necessary reminder of how much we need the blood of Christ because we are hopeless sinners – no matter how “good” we think we are.

    During our time in Uganda, I have learned more about relationships – how to build them, how to kill them, how to sustain them, and how important they truly are to leading people one step closer to Jesus.  While I have never considered myself to be a good friend or good at sustaining relationships, it has taken my time and training here to make me realize how much I have failed everyone that has ever been a part of my life.  This is the only way I know of to reach as many of you

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  • Hey Mom, what is that?

    06.20.13 1 Comment

    As we get closer every day to returning to America for our furlough, I cannot help but think what the experience will be like for our children.  When we left America, Tristan and Cole had just turned 1 and 3.  They will return being 5 and 3 with a 1-year-old sister in tow.  Most people will recognize them because the blessing of technology allows us to keep people up to date on our lives, but the kids will not know who most people are.  Will they be upset after hearing, “Do you remember me?” a hundred times?  Poor Virginia wont even know what hit her as she will be swooped up and loved on by so many.  How will the kids react to being strapped in a car seat every time they get in the car?  Pretty sure there will be lots of screaming!  Will Cole jump up and

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  • Meet Evelyn

    06.19.13 1 Comment

    Evelyn has a story much tougher than most.  She is uncertain of many details because of some of the trauma she has faced – especially anything regarding her age.  Her best guess is that she is 24 years old.  She was abducted by LRA rebels when she was too young to walk on her own so the rebels had to carry her for some time.  Once she learned to walk, they began to leave her alone more often.  Most of her life was lived with the rebels, which prevented her from ever attending school.  During her time as a child soldier, she would go 3-4 days at a time without food.  This made her job almost impossible.  Her job was to carry the gun of a rebel soldier – it was too heavy and she was too weak.  Even though they spent their nights looting, the top commanders would

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  • Interns at work

    06.11.13 1 Comment

    “Others can’t see our motives, only our actions, which become the basis for their impression of us.”  – Cross-Cultural Servanthood

    As the interns are quickly learning, living cross-culturally is a daily battle where you are trying to balance what people in America want to see and hear, what God is leading you to do or not do, and what is culturally appropriate. There is no right answer, but there are lots of wrong answers.  As they struggle to explain to their families why they are not seeing many pictures of their days in ministry, I thought I would help them out.

    When was the last time you started sharing the gospel with someone and said, “Can I take a picture of us to show people that I really am doing this?”  When was the last time you went to someone’s house to help them wash dishes and took a picture of

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